An artery with an accumulation of plaque can be made larger inside the artery via a treatment called angioplasty or angioplasty surgery

In order to push plaque against the artery walls and allow blood to flow through your artery, your healthcare practitioner will use a tiny balloon. 

They frequently also insert a stent or tube to maintain the newly created opening.

Angioplasty Surgery At Dr Raghu's Clinic:

Angioplasty is a procedure option that Dr Raghu's clinic in Hyderabad administers for patients who have troubled arteries, including those that feed blood to the heart. 

The most recent equipment and techniques are used by our highly qualified and experienced team of cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons to execute angioplasty operations precisely and carefully.

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Possible Symptoms: 

If any of you experience any of the following angioplasty symptoms, call our number right away.

  • Bruising, clotting, or bleeding where the implant was placed
  • Producing blood clots or scar tissue inside the stent.
  • A heart rhythm disorder, or arrhythmia. damage to an artery, heart valve, or blood vessel.

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At Dr Raghu's Clinic, his team of qualified medical staff uses a rigorous procedure to diagnose angioplasty and offers each patient the following successful treatment options: 

  1. Before your procedure, you might need to undergo a few tests, such as a chest X-ray, an electrocardiogram, and blood work. 
  2. In order to determine whether the arteries leading to your heart are blocked and whether they can be opened up with angioplasty, your doctor will also do an imaging test known as coronary angiography. 
  3. If a blockage is discovered during your coronary angiography, your doctor can elect to conduct angioplasty and stenting while your heart is still catheterized right away.

Other Useful Tests:

To assess the heart's performance and find any blockages or artery anomalies, a doctor may also conduct diagnostic tests like an electrocardiogram (ECG), echocardiography, or stress test. 

These tests can assist in determining whether an angioplasty is the best course of treatment for the patient.

What is done during angioplasty?

At Dr Raghu's clinic, we are committed to giving our patients the best possible heart care and to assisting them in achieving optimum health and wellness. 

To create a thorough treatment roadmap that addresses each patient's unique needs, we work closely with them. 

Further, to ensure the greatest results, we also offer continuing support and follow-up care.

A medical technique called angioplasty is used to treat heart arteries that are obstructed or narrowed. 

A cardiologist or any eminent interventional cardiologist in Hyderabad, performs an angioplasty by inserting a catheter into the narrowed or damaged artery and using a balloon or stent to support or enlarge it. 

There are numerous factors such as knowledge, skill, experience and expertise which make a cardiologist a widely sought-after angel and Dr Raghu fits the category squarely.