Angioplasty is a valuable procedure that can change the entire game in favour of the patient grappling with clogged heart arteries. 

To open clogged arteries, the heart specialist (the best cardiologist in Hyderabad for this matter) uses a tiny balloon catheter which they place into the blood vessel that is blocked and it gets widened and this also improves the blood flow directed to the heart. 

In angioplasty, they also place a small wire mesh tube which is called a stent. With the help of a stent, the artery gets open and all chances are made that it does not get narrowed again. 

Most of the stents are laced with medications which help them in keeping the arteries open. 

Then, we also have stents which are without any medication and are used in rare cases. 

As a fallout of angioplasty, pleasant health is unlocked for the patients and their families as the symptoms of blocked heart arteries either away, such as chest pain and shortness of breath. 

This procedure often takes place when one suffers a heart attack and to lower the damage to the heart therefore angioplasty in the heart is largely recommended.  

Truly angioplasty in the heart can save the precious life and is critical to the heart patient but then for the procedure to be successful, it calls for the accomplished and the best cardiologist in the city to conduct and supervise the health recovery. 

Heart Care For Holistic Health And Happiness: 

Give yourself and your family the gift of good health with a healthy heart which also ensures your longevity and unlocks abounding happiness in life. 

At Dr C Raghu's office, his team of seasoned cardiologists and medical staff is all prepared and devoted to ensuring the best possibilities of a healthy functioning heart at the most reasonable charges. 

However please note that no amount is too high for good health and a fit body.

People, nowadays have developed a habit of ignoring health and unknowingly drift to unhealthy lifestyles and practices and then the professional stress and personal life anxieties simply double the chances of the heart developing some complications and turning erroneous. 

This is where the prominent heart specialist in the city and the best cardiologist in Hyderabad appear at your service like an angel and declutters the scenario of good health to you. 

Lack of synergy and regular meetings between the patient and the cardiologist, make the health condition worse. 

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When a person faints suddenly clasping his chest, things go scary and family and friends rush him to a nearby hospital seeking emergency treatment.

But such are the minutes which are precious as gold if such are not counted upon and utilized, things can become life threatening. Therefore seeking a cardiologist's care and consultation, in the form of regular health checkups, is always the best idea. 

If we fail here, then there are numerous cases of heart attacks and sudden deaths in all walks of life and as are reported in the media. 


Heart health is of paramount importance and we should take every little care of it as if the heart stops functioning or becomes unwell, we are likely to face our tragic end.